How to Care For Your Snails (Snails Health)

To start a snail farm or heliculture , one must know the nitty-gritty of the trade like step by step on how to start a snail farm, things  to consider before purchasing snail for your farm and how to care for your snails health.

To care for your snails, one must put many things into consideration, below are list and brief explanation on them.

1Home: The very first way to care for your snails is by providing them a suitable house where they will be kept, in building the house one must pay attention and have it in mind that good housing for snails play a vital role in keeping the snails alive, healthy and not wandering about.

2The second way to care for your snails is by letting them have access to air, note that the environment must be windy but some fresh air is needed by those gentle and slow creation, not so gentle after all they are found of escaping if they see any opportunity.

3The third way to care for your snails is by keeping them in moist condition, snails doesn’t like dryness, that’s more of the reason why the hibernate during dry season.
To maintain a good moist condition you can deploy the use of spraying can to sprinkle or spray them water.
Hey! You have to spray them lightly though, make it rain but lightly (winks).

4In caring for your snail, you must not expose them to excessive temperature changes like harsh sunshine, so you will do well to help those gentle guys live in a controlled temperature so they can flourish.

5To care for your snail, you must fill their house with the right soil type is sandy-loamy soil , you must not use soils that has exposure to chemical as they can result in bacteria, pesticides and other dangers.

6The next thing is playing objects, you will do well to provide some playing objects for your snails so they can crawl on and keep them busy enough not to try to wander out of their house.
Do not put cardboard ornament in your snails house as playing object as these materials grow fungi and can affect your snail’s health.

7Another way to care for your snails is to cover their house with heavy lid so those guys don’t wander away, in covering their house you must make sure to put point number 2 in mind, forgotten point number 2 already? Scroll up and get hold of it man.

8Pardon my arrangements, putting this important point in number 8 doesn’t make it least important, feed your snails regularly, those guys don’t fast, they don’t eat much also, so don’t starve them please.
You must know the right feeds for your snails, generally, snails are not super picky when it comes to food but it’s also worth knowing that some food affect your snails health.
Examples of such food are salty food, pasta, rice, millet etc they can course blockages.

9This should be the last point on how to care for your snails, prove your snails with food that will help them build their shells, they need calcium for their shells, you can feed them egg shells or some calcium supplement.

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