Why Clarias Catfish has not Being Growing well in Nigeria

From the past few years, there have being retardation in clarias growth, this reason alone had affected many fish farmers across Nigeria at large that there’s a drift from clarias catfish to heterobranchus catfish which is hybrid.

In this little article, I will tell you the reason why clarias catfish is experiencing a huge retardation and why you should deviate to hybrid if you can afford them.

When clarias catfish farming first arrived Nigeria, there had been no interbreed from any parent stock.

What I meant is, there are many broodstock (sexually matured clarias catfish species) that are of different genetics, and they are enough and as well available for hatching.

But today, there’s no more importation of broodstock (parent stock); the available ones are from the same parent stock that are been used in the past.

So the available clarias catfish broodstock are in circular form, e.g the broodstock that comes from Ijebu, Ogun state to Oyo state Nigeria will be hatched, reared and resold back to Ijebu, so when an Ijebu breeder unknowingly bought and hatch it, it becomes inbreed and inbreed is the use of species of the same genotype.

Or when a breeder from Benue state get broodstock from Oyo state and hatch it, then sold the fingerlings or juveniles to a farmer in Imo state, and the farmer reared them to broodstock level and sold it back to Oyo state, and the breeder in Oyo state unknowingly used it to breed, then distribute it to his patronizer, the result is always poor because it is inbreed.

Inbreed is the main reason affecting the retardation of clarias catfish growth in Nigeria because there is no importation of new clarais catfish broodstock, so the available ones are in circular form.

Why you should deviate to hybrid

In today’s fish farming, hybrid catfish profit than clarias catfish because of it unique growth, but it consume more money than clarias catfish.

Why? The reason is, when hybrid is four (4) months old, they just got to their growth level; at this very age, they consume more feed and grow faster than ever before, not like clarias catfish that consume less feed at their fourth month and grow less.

When clarias catfish are reared and sold in four month, they are sold well, but when hybrid are reared and sold in six month, it is consider as lost because hybrid is supposed to be reared for eight to ten months.

At least each hybrid should weigh between 3-5kg before selling within their eight months, but clarias catfish at this very age may not weigh up to 4kg even if reared for a complete year.

Is there market for hybrid in Nigeria?

Yes, unlike clarias catfish but there are sells for hybrid in Nigeria.

Buyers within the southern Nigeria are not capable to buy such a huge fish neither do buyers from northern Nigeria buy them too, only the eastern Nigeria buy them at a very profitable amount.

According to Nigerian’s ways of adapting to changes, there is 100% assurance that when many fish farmers especially in the southern part of Nigeria convert to hybrid, the buyers from northern part of Nigeria will started demanding for it when they are left with no choice.

There are always changes in price of clarias catfish but the price of hybrid stand still.

Why do hybrid grow faster and bigger than clarias catfish?

On a normal talk, hybrid catfish in their history are known by their extra ordinary growth, they are the type of catfish that grow bigger and faster as long as they live and are consistently feed.

It is in their theoretical gene to exhibit such a great growth because they are unique in nature, strong and are always healthy.

How breeders derived hybrid

It is so simple for a breeder specialist, they don’t need to stress much because hybrid occurred when two different genetic of the same species crossed each other.

So when a breeder takes heterobranchus broodstock to hatch the same clarias catfish that is fully matured, the result of his work will be hybrid.

What amount of money can rear 1,000 hybrid?

As at now, research make us understand that hybrid is growing faster than clarias catfish because it has not been in a circular form.

It is plainly in this form, because hybrid consume much feed than clarias catfish, I will give you a little logic that can guide you on how to rear hybrid for eight month.

As an experienced farmer, we all know that 500,000 naira can rear 1,000 clarias catfish or more, but in hybrid, if you stock 250 pieces of hybrid, be ready to use 250,000 naira to finance it.

Or stock 500 pieces and use 500,000 naira asset to feed them, same if you stock 1,000 pieces, be ready to use 1,000,000 naira to finance it etc.

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Simeon James |   1 year ago

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