In the previous information on pig farming, I talked about how to make money from pig farming in Nigeria, but here, I will be talking on some digestible feed formula for pig farming in Nigeria.

Before we proceed on digestible feed formula for pig farming, here is the list of the item needed…

1. PKC – Palm kennel cake

2. GNC – Groundnut cake

3. Raw maize

4. Soya bean

Uncombined feed

5. Cassava peal

6. Fruit

7. Sucker leaf

 And some other feed ingredient like salt etc

1. Digestible feed formula for pig fast growth

All measurement depends on the number of pigs and the kilo of the feed they consume per day in a week.

Measure 80kg of Palm Kennel Cake (PKC), measure, add, and grind 40kg of Maize and 20kg of Soya Bean together, then mix with your PKC.

But before mixing, remember to add feed ingredient to your aggregate, or else your formula are incomplete.

And if you can’t afford 80kg of PKC, get 40kg of it, your Maize will be 20kg and your Soya Bean will be 10kg with additional 2.1kg of feed ingredient

Note: measure the Soya Bean and the Maize and mix together before grinding, this is to aid their digestion and ease their chewing.

Don’t forget, this formula is not meant for pigs that are reared for reproduction but for marketing only.

2. Digestible feed formula for reproductive pigs

For a reproductive pigs which include weaners, gilts and boars.

Measure 200kg of Palm kennel Cake (PKC), measure 25kg of Ground Nut Cake (GNC), 25kg of Soya Bean, and your 7.5kg of feed ingredient.

If you can possibly mix and grind Soya Bean and GNC together, it good, but if there is no means to grind, it is better.

Just mix your aggregate together, pack it into sacks where it can be scale for your daily feeding.

If you can’t afford up to 200kg of PKC, you can get half of it and do a simple arithmetic on it.

For instance, if you get 100kg of PKC which is half of 200kg, half of GNC and Soya Bean will be 12.5kg and your feed ingredient will be 3.75 (3.8)kg.

3. Cassava Peal

Cassava peal is not included in any of the digestible feed formula because it cannot be combined with any of the digestible feed formula.

Cassava peal is one of the feed we have being using to feed pigs for a long time, and it is still one of the best feed stuff for pigs till date.

Remember we are talking about digestible feed formula, cassava peal has nothing to do with the formulas, but it was included because of the modern day’s way of making it.

It is said that pigs undergoes a lot of stress trying to chew and break cassava peal to smaller particles before swallowing, so study has discovered that grinding it to a rough powder or particles will make it digestible, easy to chew with a less stress.

If it can’t be grinded, a little water should be sprinkle on it before feeding, this is to soften it before feeding, and this could easily aid their digestion.

4. Fruit

Fruit like mangoes are good for pig’s health especially at their weaning period, it builds and fastens their growth but it shouldn’t be substituted in place of PKC.

Maybe it can be given to them at noon time if only you feed twice in a day, it is not necessary to give them this, but it will be best given to them if mangoes are within your reach.

It doesn’t have to be fresh mangoes; it is just to fill their empty stomach during the day and to sustain them till the next period of feeding.

Fruit like pineapple and orange can help pigs that lose appetite to regain their appetite within a short period of time.

Note: this is neither a treatment nor an antidote for biotic because in most cases, when pigs lose appetite, they are affected with biologic.

Sometimes it happened to a gilt that just gave birth.

This should be considered as your first aid treatment, if changes don’t occurred between two days, call your Vet Doctor.

5. Sucker stem and leaf

Sucker (Banana) stem and leaf serve as a fiber for pig; it can be given to pigs in the evening if it enough to satisfy them.

It helps their growth a lot.


 Remember digestible feed formula one and two are measured, grinded, mixed and packed, so this is just to let you know how it can be prepared before feeding.

Step 1. If your pigs eat 10kg of feed per day, scale 10kg out of your aggregate (PKC).

Step 2. Pour your PKC on a large basin.

Step 3. Use your hand to balance the PKC to the same level.

Step 4. Use one liter cup to fetch 13-15 turns of water and pour it on the PKC that is inside the basin.

Step 5. Cover the basin with anything flat and wait for at least 10 to 15minute of time.

Step 6. After 10minute, the feed will swell up even to the edge of the basin, so deep your hands and stare from the bottom to the top.

Step 7. Your food is ready, you can start the distribution.

Note: the dried digestible feed formula (PKC) measured shouldn’t judge the amount of kilo each pig eat.

For example, if a pig eats 2kg of feed in the morning, when measuring the digestible feed, make it 1kg; after soaking and swelling, it will give you either 2kg or 2.2kg which is enough for the pig.

If your pig eats 3kg, measure 1.5kg, it will give you the normal kg after preparation.

And if each pig eats 2kg per feeding and you are having ten of them, measure10kg and use your intellectual to divide the 10kg you soaked together for each pig.

If you have anything confusing or need the remaining ingredient, reach out to me.

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