Types of farming system in Nigeria

Farming is very lucrative in today’s world, you can read on how to make money through farming, to make money through farming one must first decide on which farming system to practice.

There are various farming system in Nigeria, this article will explain in details what we need to know about each farming system before  you think of venturing into it.

So majorly, farming system is grouped into five  section which are ; Root crop farming, Irrigation farming system, Tree crop farming , Mixed farming, Urban farming.

The Root Crop Farming System

Root crop farming system extends from Sierra Leone to Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Cameroon, largely in the moist sub-humid and humid agro-ecological zones.  Major crops are maize (27% of the cultivated area), cassava (22%), rice ( 11%), sweet potato (11%), cowpea, sorghum, banana, , groundnut, millet,  yam and beans.


farming system in Nigeria

(called corn in some countries) is widely grown in Africa and it’s used in production of many things which includes Akamu, Egbo , corn pudding, corn-stir-fry, pap, donkwa, tuwo masara, adalu and amongst many others. Typically it takes 10-14 days for the first sprout, if yours exceed this then there might be problem which in most times can be temperature of the soil or bad seed.

Maize takes 60-100 days for maize to be ready for harvest, there are many types of maize so one must be sure of which species to plant and also know well about its planting, growing harvesting and marketing it of course.


farming system in Nigeria

cassava also is very profitable and is used for many meals and products including amala, garri, eba, fufu (called akpu in Igbo language) and the peels can be used for animal feeds . cassava takes 8 to 12 months before harvest, before going to cassava farming, it is advisable to know  and master the steps and process involved , typically it takes 2-3 weeks for the sprouting. You can read this article on how to start a profitable cassava farm in Nigeria


Rice takes about 110 days before first stages of rice harvest period, they’re different types of rice but the good news is all of the types are good for consumption and are pretty much in demand in market. You can never go wrong on any choice of types of rice to plant, you will do well to learn the nitty gritty of rice farming before you go into it.

Sweet Potato

This sweet tubers are a pleasant delicacy and is used for many things, nothing can go unused from its part, the tuber is used for many foods which can be consumed boiled , fried, mashed and many more ways, am by no means a great cook so I won’t take you down the delicacy lane. The peel from the tuber can be used for animal feeds , typically it takes 90-170 days to matures for harvesting. The straw is fed to animals and can also be preserved for any planting session, be sure to gather the necessary knowledge before you venture into it.


farming system in Nigeria

Cowpea is a  protein-rich type of beans that is widely consumed all over Africa and  takes about 100 days to reach harvest stage, cowpea is  indigenous to Africa and widely used for consumption, hay production, green manure and more. Cowpea can be harvested in 3 stages which are green snaps, green mature and dry, typically cowpea takes 60-90 days before it matures for dry harvest.


sorghum is used for food and alcoholic beverages, it is drought tolerant and the 5th most important cereal crop grown in the world. Most of the sorghum varieties reaches harvest stage between 115-125 days, just like every other crops I’ve mentioned, it is very important to do a thorough research on how to run a profitable sorghum farm.


Groundnut on the other hand takes 3-4 month before it ripen for harvest, it can be eaten raw,boiled, roasted and it serves as good antioxidants that protect the body from toxins and free radicals, so if you plan on going into groundnut farming then I will say it’s a good decision but just like every other crop farming , you need to have good knowledge about it before practicing it.


Bananas takes 9-12 months from sowing a banana bulb to harvesting it, they thrive well in the equator as they requires consistent wet land. It used for herbs, food and feeds for animals, one good thing about banana is that it’s a permanent plant that replaces itself.


Millet is a group of highly small seeded grasses , they are drought tolerant, it helps in weight loss , aids sleep, reduce risk of colon cancer and many more so a crop like this will no doubt have good market value. Millet gets ready for harvest between 70-90days.


Beans is  a very popular forms of protein in Africa and other part of the, beans is legume (cover crop) so at some point you won’t have to bother clearing weeds near it cause it will automatically clears them with it leaves, beans are of different species and takes 60-90 days between planting and harvest time.


Yam is very economical to grow in Nigeria as pounded yam is our chief food in Nigeria, Most edible yams normally reach maturity 8-11 months after planting, but some first harvest after 5 months. The growth periodends at the end of the rainy season. Yam can be eaten in diverse ways so if you ever nurture the idea of going into yam farming then you have my full approval.

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