How to Grow Maize Without Stress

Maize is one of the profusion food planted in Nigeria from the ancient and in Africa at large. Black people sees maize as their number one fast food because of it prominence.

From history, maize serves human with numerous food when converted to the diverse way it can be used e.g wheat (mill),eko, pap and some other food that we can abstract from maize.

Our old fathers in those days undergo a lot of stress trying to plant a grain that grows to maturity within three months, so they cut grass with the use of cutlass in their hands, and also make ridges before planting.

After planting, they will still weed twice before the maize got matured for harvest.

All this are counted as stress, and this was the reason for the introduction of technology especially a fabricated machines from the hands of a well trained Agricultural engineering.

The invention and the use of farming machines started from long time ago, since then, agricultural engineering where able to fabricate farming machine like tractor, meadow, cutting matching, shelling machine of all kind, fertilizing machine, boom spraying machine as well as a planting machine.

Yet, many Nigeria’s farmers can’t afford the entire easy and stress less machine for some reasons that include,

1. Lack of capital

2. Lack of large farmland

3. Geographical location

4. Bad topography

5. Lack of machinery knowledge

6. High cost of machines

7. Inadequate government assistance

8. Poor modern day’s farming knowledge etc

All these are the reason most Nigeria’s farmer got stick to their local farming system, having seen this, Agricultural engineers went ahead and fabricated a simple tool called a sprayer (which is still among the class of machine because of  it high duty)

Obasanjo Julius |   10 months ago

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