How to Plant Watermelon

In the previous article, I talked about ten crops you can plant and harvest within three months, so here I will be teaching you the step needed to plant watermelon.

Watermelon is a delicate crop that needs to be carefully handled, perhaps in time of planting, weeding and spraying.

Why? The reason is, if a single step is wrongly taken, it will decimate the whole crop and as well shattered your plans towards making money through it.

Some guidelines you should know before planting watermelon 

1. On planting, the seed doesn’t need to go deeply into the soil because watermelon seed is very small, if it does, the surviving rate will be too low due to the difficulties it will undergo to emerge.

2. On weeding, because watermelon grows faster and longer, it is needed to be monitored right from the third days of germination till the days of production.

Why? It because watermelon don’t like to be disturb at it production stage.

So when watermelon grows 3-5cm above the soil, control it first weed, and when they started spreading branches, control it second weed, then leave the crop till spraying period.

Failure to adhere to this pattern will only retard the production rate of water melon when some part of it is unknowingly injured.

3. On spraying, it is advised that a spraying specialist or well experienced sprayer is allowed to do the spraying when watermelon crop is readily making flowers and to also spray the crops with pesticide when the fruit is growing bigger.

Step by step needed to plant watermelon

1. Clearing of farm land: before farmers get the chance to plant on a piece of land, we all know that the first thing to carry out is land clearing.

Before doing any other thing on your watermelon farm land, clear the land and burn all the grasses.

If possible, spray with herbicide before making ridges; this will help slow down the growth of unwanted crop too. One of the advantages of spraying is, the first aspect of controlling weed is already carried out, one only need to do the second weed control and get ready for harvest.

2. Making ridges: it is necessary to make flat or hill ridges (either tractor base or hand base), this system is known as tilling of soil.

Tilling is the turning, cultivating or braking of soil with the use of farm machinery or local farm tools.

The advantages that tilling render to watermelon seed are:

i. It makes it easier for watermelon seedling to emerge quickly.

ii. It helps the root get nutrient from the soil easily.

iii. It also aids the absorption of water etc.

3. Planting of watermelon seed: after cultivating the soil, planting of watermelon seed start immediately.

Either with the use of hoe, cutlass or planting stick, make a very shallow hole and put not less than 2-3 seed in each hole, but if there is no 100% assurance that the seed will all grow, it is advisable to put minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 in each whole.

At least if one or two seed didn’t grow perhaps because of dormancy or any other reason, the rest will grow.

Also, make sure the hole is lightly covered with soil; this is to avoid animals like birds, rat, frog etc from picking the seeds.

4. Controlling of weeds: as stated above, weeds are unwanted grasses that grow to share nutrient and to compete with crops.

So when watermelon seedling rises above the soil, control it first weed, and when the crop started spreading branches, weed again.

5. Spray with pesticide and crop booster: the use of crop booster is only needed when the land is not fertile enough, watermelon is an annual crop that complete it lifespan within few days, so the crop only require fertilized farm land, it doesn’t need excessive chemicals to complete it lifespan.

The use of pesticide is very important, if possible to spray twice before harvest, kindly do, controlling watermelon pest is the best way to help the crop yield as much as it can, it also help the fruit to grow bigger.

6. Harvesting: apart from slicing the watermelon to check if it ready for harvest, there is an easy way to know if the fruit is ready for harvest.

A tap is enough; a matured watermelon fruit gives a bass sound when you tap it, also the fruit become soft with deep color, ones you notice this, the fruit is ready for harvest.

When watermelon fruit is matured and wasn’t harvested on time, they will start getting rotten.

This is why you have to read about my first article on Ten Crops you can Plant and Harvest within Three months.

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