How to Start a Cattle Farming in Nigeria (step by step guide for beginners)

Cattle farming business is very profitable beyond the meat (beef) there are many other opportunities to make money in this business. is farming one of the agricultural investments that one can be involved into, due to its level of consumption and other benefit one might get from it, all over the world. To start and run a successful cattle farming one must know the nitty-gritty of the trade, like how to start a cattle farming in Nigeria, things to consider when starting the cattle farming, species of the cattle, best feeds and feeding of the cattle, and how to care for your cattle for effective growth. This are the things you need to put into consideration before starting a cattle farming as a beginners.

Steps to take when starting a cattle farming in Nigeria

1 makes a business plan

2 determine your reason for rearing cow

3 secure a good location

4 get the essential tools ready

5 acquire cattle

6 employ a vet-doctor

7 employees

8 marketing of the cattle

Makes a business plan: first it has to do with  you sitting down to strategize and develop a good business plan, you need to decide on how to start your cattle farming, starting with the numbers of cattle you may want to start with, count the cost of their feeding, medications and other expenses. But all depends on the capital you have on ground, you must also know that in any business that one must do, you need to do it with patient.

Determine your reason for rearing cow: in this area you need to know the reason why you are rearing them, is it for commercial purpose or for individual consumption. With this it will give you the clear picture of why you are rearing them, so that whenever you start you will not run into lost.

Secure a good location: location is very vital because all your investment depends on how good your location the location should be a highly safe and secure location within a trustworthy community, it also should not be far from the town or city, because you might get buyers. You also need to know that the location has to do with land, get a good land that can be conducive enough to accommodate the activity of the cattle.

Get the essential tools ready: this has to do with you to acquire the necessary equipment that is needed to rear the animals. You will also need to build a fence around the location; the cows you also need shed to secure themselves when there is rain or excess sun.

Acquire cattle: your next step should be to acquire the best cattle that you can use to start with. You can get them from local market scattered around the country, but it advisable that you go with someone who has been into the business to guide you so you can contact me on this number 09061868243 or massage me on what Sapp with that number.

Employ a vet-doctor: in this type of business a veterinary doctor is needed for absolute safety of the cattle, this will help you in case of emergency they will also help you ensure that your cattle develop good stamina and fat. You can also contact me if you need any help on this.

Employees: if you are thinking of rearing your cows alone, then I must warn you that it won’t be easy especially when you are rearing many cows. Consider employing a herdsman, who can assist you; you can contact me if you need any help on how to get them.

Marketing of the cattle: when you are ready to sell your cows first make a market research on how much a cow so you won’t lose while others are gaining.

Species of cattle in Nigeria that you can start with




Sukkot gaudily



Adamawa gaudily


Best breed for meat production

Red borrow

This animal is dark red in color, it is large with long horns, it produces plenty of meat but the meat is of low quality the cows are poor millers. It is also kept by a group among the Fulani.

Sukkot gaudily

These types of cattle have short horns and are of medium size it is a draught breed and very common in house/Fulani areas, it has a well-developed dewlap. The color is greyish white with dark shadings over the head, shoulders, neck, and tail, it is also good for meat production.

N ”dame

It originated from the plateau west Africa, it is humbles and is popularly recognized as a resistant breed, n” dame is a dwarf, short-horned animal it is fawn in color with darker extremities and lighter undersides. It is a good beef animal but a poor milk producer it is an early maturing animal.

Brogue or kotuku

They are crosses between humped and humbles cattle  found in homey and Nigeria they are sometimes called kotuku in Nigeria these animals are a cross between the zebu type and the humbles cattle of the south they have varied color usually white black, grey or light red, with spots they are smaller animals than the Bunin or haj and are suitable for beef purposes. 

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