Snail farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative agricultural investment, which an individual can go into due to its small capital intensity. And the quality that we as human can derive from it due to its demand in Nigeria market, and the nutritional value that people get from it. Snail meat contains a high amount of calcium, magnesium, protein, iron, vitamin a, and a very low in fat, and as you all known snail meat is very cheap.

Steps to take when starting snail farming as a beginner

Step 1: appropriate soil

Step 2: suitable location or environment

Step 3: construction of the snail house

Step 4: snail feeding

Step 5: snail harvesting

Step 1

Appropriate Soil

As you all known soil is a habitat for snail, just as the house is a place where human live the soil must contain organic matter because that’s is where the snail lives and lay eggs, so the soil must be suitable, desirable, for the snail so as a beginner you need to take notices of  that.

Step 2

Suitable location or environment:

snail farming

Snails are easily dehydrated and wind increase the rate of moisture loose in snail, which in turn leads to the dryness of the animal. So you must prevent the snail for losing water easily and how can you do that their house, must be built in the environment that is protected from wind.  so you need to plant so many trees in other to prevent the snail for having direct contact with the sunlight and also your surrounding must be planted with plantains and bananas to keep the snail from wind.

Step 3


snail farming

in this areas the first thing that you need to know as beginners, is location then the nest is the number of snail you may want to start with as a beginner. Equipment uses for the construction of the snail house are many but as a beginner it advisable for you to use wire gauze net and wood. so whichever one you want to use you must make sure that they is a enough space for the snail the location, make sure that is located in a good environment. At the end of the construction you need to plant trees bananas, and plantains around their house to keep the snail from wind and sunlight

Step 4


this is the process by which you give feed to your snail in morning and at night make sure they feeding equipment is always kept in a cold place keep a little water beside their house for then to drink. Types of feed that must be given to the snail are vegetable, banana, carrot, pawpaw, fruit, cabbage, even dry leaves; you can also feed them with green leaves.      

Step 5

 Harvesting period:

snail farming

This is done by hand. It is often hard work to find them because they may be hiding under the  leaves so you need to take your time when harvesting snail.

Also make sure the snail are matured before you harvest.


1 snail farming is a high profitable and yielding farming in Nigeria where only professional can manage it

2 snail farming provide cheap and high source of quality animal protein for consumption of human as you all known snail meat is white so is very healthy for human 

3 to start up a snail farming it requires a low capita compere to other forms of animal farming so that means you do not necessarily need a lager capita before you can start up a snail farming in Nigeria

4 snail shell can be used as a calcium and it offer may be used as a source of protein which can be add to animal feeds                

5 managing snail farming do not require much stress or energy compere to other forms of animal farming in Nigeria

6 snail breeding does not necessary need vaccination or drugs because snail is generally strong creature.

7 snail they can be easily multiply and increase in number compere to other forms of animal farming in Nigeria.

8 the shell could be used for ornamental purpose.  

9 the shell could be used also to replace bone meal in compounding ration for other animal feeds

10 the feed is cheap and are locally sourced snail feed primarily on plants and vegetable.

11 snail meat has both local international market value it can be sold in Nigeria and can also be exported to other countries.

12 snails fit well into other farming activities helping to fertilize the soil prior to cultivate another crop.

13 snail meats can be used to prepared soup for pregnant women because it helps in the movement of the baby in womb.



1 ENVIRONMENT; snails are friendly because snails dropping or the snail itself do not have offensive smells like the others animals.  Dropping in snail are used as manure which can improves organic content of soil.  

2 INPUT; inputs in snail farming such as labor, financial and technical inputs are relatively small compare to other forms of animals farming, like pigs, goats, sheep, and cattle.

3 RISK; the overall risk faced in snail farming is generally low compare to other livestock farming , because snail disease are very few and rare and can be control.

4 MAREKET POTENTIAL; presently the demand for snail meat is higher than the supplies, so this is an opportunity for you to go into snail farming as early as possible. Both locally and internationally are demanding for snail meat.

5 SNAIL MEAT; snail meat is a good source of protein which is high in calcium and iron but low in fat compare to other animal product.


1 GROWTH; snail are very slow growing animals furthermore the consumable meat makes up 40 maximum can you see the snail total live weight consequently. So snails farming are not a way to make money quickly.    

2 CLIMATES; snail farming is restricted to the humid tropical forest zone. Which offers a constant temperature high relative humidly? Preferably, no dry season and fairly constant day/night throughout the year.

3 SNAIL AS a pest: snail that have escaped from, or been dumped by a farmer may quickly develop into a serious pest in the agriculture. So for these reasons snail farms should be seen as only one component in a diversified farming venture.


The expenses you need to account for if you are thinking on how to set up a snail farm in Nigeria as a beginners. Include housing, buying fresh snail, feeding, handing and processing the snail, marketing and transportation.

You can start the business with N60.000 OR N100, 000 depending on how large or big you want your snail farm to be, apart from the amount of your investment it is possible to produce 1,000,000 snail now worth more than Million twice a year .

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