How to make money from farming in Nigeria

You want to make money from farming? Apart from being a politician and defrauding people, the 3rd easiest way to make money in Nigeria is from farming.

You read that correct. In this write-up I will be teaching you how to make money from farming in Nigeria,.

So if per chance you once thought of going into farming in Nigeria but don’t really know how to go about it or worse  you don’t know how to make money through farming in Nigeria and to make matter worse you have no one to turn to, then this article will come in handy.

Without further waste of time, let’s dive in deep to talk about diverse ways on how to make money from farming in Nigeria.

When exploring or considering ways on how to make money from farming in Nigeria, one must be aware that farming is not limited to crop/root crop farming alone , so there are many options to explore, depending on your capital, time, knowledge and of course good land to use for the cultivation or practice.

Capital is important but you really need to have good knowledge if not you will mismanage your farm which can lead to waste of resources, so take your time get all the knowledge you need and move on to practicalizing it.

Basically, making money through farming is in two modes, first is by investing in farming, by investing, you don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day activities on how the farm operates, all you have to do is to invest an agreed amount and the ROI and the duration it will take, you can read up on how to make money from farming in Nigeria by investing.

Speeding on to 2nd mode of making money through farming in Nigeria which is the main reason for this write-up, the mode none other than participating in the farming yourself, you don’t have to necessarily do the manual labor but you have to supervise and inspect activities on the farm to make sure everything is in order.

To practice this 2nd mode of farming in Nigeria and any other part of the world, you must first decide what type of farming system you want to practice, none of the farming system is unprofitable.

So you have to choose which of the system you intend to practice be it crop farming , root crop farming , animal husbandry which includes goat farming, pig farming (piggery), fish farming (fishery) , grass cutter farming, cow farming/rearing,  goat farming, poultry and a lot more.

The animal husbandry system of farming requires less area of land to be carried out compared to the crop/root crop farming system.

To make a dime from farming like every other business, you must brace yourself and give it what it takes by acquiring the adequate knowledge needed to excel at it.

If you are new to farming, no matter the amount of articles and books you read will give you the 100%  preparation you need to start farming.

if you have B.Sc in agronomy or some agricultural related course you might have an advantage but that class room and little practical won’t guarantee you success not until you put it to use, in nutshell, what I’m trying to say is that you get enough knowledge and go on to practice it so you can be pro at it after  few session in.

There is really great things to learn during the practical period, I kept reading articles on small chicken coops for a year and some months, so I made up my mind to practice it in my backyard, during my first practice I can say I really learned a lot during the process, I bought 11 birds and end up with 7 grown birds, you can read up on my first chicken coop (homestead) poultry experience.

For young and newbies aspiring to go into farming in Nigeria and other countries in Africa we can make use of the medium to share  and gain knowledge  on how to make money through farming and be a better farmer.

We can as well ask questions via comment section and me and my team will do all we can to make sure we deliver the best answer for your question.

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