How to make money from farming by investing

How to make money from farming by investing

One of the reason people go into is farming like every other business is for profit, so this article will be teaching you how to make money from farming by investing hey!, I’m not disputing the fact that others  can engage in small scale farming (homestead or backyard garden) for fresh vegetables or for 100% organic home grown crops.

But this write-up will only be based on how to make money from farming by investing in Nigeria, so let’s head into the process in details.

If you are one of the countless inquisitive people looking for ways to make money from farming by investing in then you can grab a cup of ace of spade or coffee, hold tight and ride along.

Not until less 2 years ago or there about it has been extremely difficult to make money from farming in Nigeria by investing into farming, this used to carried out in the old ways where you have to know someone that knows another person that knows a good farmer so you can give a loan which in most cases will not turn out as planned dueto a lot of factors which in most cases includes: lack of good farm practices, lack of in-depth knowledge about farming, no access to modern farming equipment and tools to aid large production and many more examples.

In this current time and age you don’t have to worry about such because there are well known and registered companies who will be glad to have your money for a certain period of time and pay back with interest, there are many companies practicing this system of farm investment but I will only endorse the few I am 100% sure of their legitimacy and services.

I will be mentioning 5 such services here to keep things short and meaning.


Founded by Onyeka Akuma , FarmCrowdy is Nigeria’s first digital agricultural platform that focuses on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers in order to increase food production.

FarmCrowdy has been able to empower farmers across Nigeria by getting them access to funding, quality seeds and mechanized tools for better farm produces.

Farmcrowdy features a farmshop section where you can sell available investment plans to invest into and also those that are sold out, farmcrowdy features small and affordable investment packages with tidy interest, and lots of farm to invest into, their investment package with the highest interest rate is the ginger farms with about 22% interest for 9 months duration.

how to make money investing into farm

Apart from investing into farmcrowdy’s farmshops, you can as well request for funds to enlarge your farm if you’re a professional farmer,you can do so by reaching out to them via their contact page.

  Thrive Agric

how to make money investing into farm

Founded by Ukaeje, Thrive Agric Nigeria is a start-up that helps smallholder farmers obtain the best inputs and machine for their farms, as well as data-driven advisory services and access to premium markets. The founder of Thrive Agric, took up the challenge after leaving school, when he discovered the major challenges; insufficient access to finance, mechanization and advisory services, as well as markets. The start-up built a platform that connected these farmers to investors and today Thrive Agric is a success story, improving the lives of thousands of local farmers.

Thrive Agric investment packages

Thrive agric features many investment packages, below is a screenshot of some of their investment packages.

how to make money investing into farm

Unlike Farmcrowdy, Thrive Agric gives a bit lesser interest rate on their investment packages and also have few investment packages to invest into, though they have more appealing user interface and many sponsors so they are a good option to bank with but unlike farmcrowdy, Thrive Agric does not have a mobile app for now.

Verdant Agritech

how to make money investing into farm

Verdant Agritech is founded by Nasir Yammama from Katsine state, he founded Verdant Agritech to support farmers by providing a mobile platform by which farmers can obtain information on markets financial services and support, as well as extensions services that teach innovative farming practices.

The Verdant app connects all the stakeholders in the agricultural value chain and it is aimed at maximizing the benefits of Agriculture for everyone especially the farmers who still live in poverty in many parts of Nigeria and Afric. Yammama was one of  the five Nigerians on Forbes Africa’s list of 30 under 30.

how to make money investing into farm

There’s nothing much to be said on this as I find it hard to navigate their site to see their investment plans, they feature 3 products namely RUMBU, PLATFEX and KASPA which are sites on their own, I will having more elaborate and detailed article about this platform in a short while.


how to make money investing into farm

I think the name itself depict what the site is all about, Porkmoney was co funded by the Gollywood superstar John Dumelo, the aim for creating the platform is to connect individuals who are interested in investing into piggery but don’t have the time to supervise it themselves, so with Porkmoney you can invest into their investment plans.

how to make money investing into farm

As at the time of writing this article, Porkmoney money only features 4 investment plans, the smallest cost #250,000 NGN, 2nd cost #500,000 NGN 3rd cost #1,000,000 NGN and the 4th cost #5,000,000 NGN each investment package last 11 respectively and ROI is 15%, 20%, 25% ans 30% respectively, for example if you invest #500,000 NGN into the second investment package  then your interest will be 20% of the invested principal which will be #100,000 after 11 month, that sounds pretty decent to me, so at the end of the 11 month your interest + principal = #600,000, awesome right ? this is a great innovation backed up by John Dumelo so your money is secured as he’s putting his career on the line.

Farm Funds Africa

how to make money investing into farm

Farm funds Africa is a break from the norm, they featured the lowest investment plans for as low as #20,000 NGN with about 20% ROI + a live chicken (you read that right.) So you have one extra live chicken for Christmas, the only downside is that the investment time takes longer time, each investment takes 100 days according to the advert I saw, they are backed up by many big companies including LEADWAY INSURANCE, STERLING BANK, ROYAL EXCHANGE amongst many others so it’s safe banking with them.

how to make money investing into farm

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