Many at times lot of people find it very difficult to understand the simple principle needed to carryout in pig farming, and how to make money within a short period time.

In this short note, we will all understand the step needed, the food needed and the capital needed to maximize our pig farming.

Before we start pig farming in Nigeria, we have to know the kind of species we are dealing with; this will enable us acknowledge the simple steps needed to carry out before making money through it.


In the world we have more than fifteen (15) species e.g  Mukota, Wesses  saddle black, Middle White, Oxford Sandy, Basque Pig, Red Wattlehog, Danish Protest, Tokyo-X, Mulefoot,  Choctaw Hog, American Landrace, Guinea Hog, Cinta Senese,  American Yorkshire, Chester White, Duroc etc.

But in Nigeria, we currently have few of this species which include Duroc and Large white; apparently the most reared species in Nigeria is Large White pigs.

Basically we will be talking on large white pig farming; large white pig farming have being the most lucrative source of income to many livestock farmers in Nigeria since 80s and 90s and it is still the only reasonable pig farming to make money from in our world today.

Reason being that, large white are set of pig species that grows within a short period of time, you can rear large white pig and make money from it within five to six month of rearing.

Large white pigs usually grow long, wide and a bit tall with an increase in weight, the same as large black which is locally rare to find in Nigeria.

A large white pig if properly raised should weigh 25kg to 30kg in three to four months of age, if you are not getting this digit after rearing pig for  20 weeks, this mean you have failed under  poor feeding and poor handling.

You can rear pigs for six months and get your determined weight and sizes, and as well rear pigs for six months and get the same result that you got in three month past, it all depend on what you feed them with.


Before proceeding on large white pigs farming in Nigeria, there is need to study the rate at which they reproduce; this alone will be our guideline towards making money in pigs farming.

Large white female ovulation occurred between their 4th to 6th months of age; at this very age, they will be on heat and will be 80% ready to cross, but for a better result, they should rather be kept till they clocked 7th to 8th month before crossing.

Ones they get up to 8 months, they will be 100% ready for mating.

Also, they will be matured enough for childbearing; they will have the strength to breastfeed their winners and will also posses’ motherhood character.

Their starting and reproduction rate is extremely amazing; some matured large white pig start with five (5) winners, and some luckily start with six, seven, and eight at a time.

A female large white pig (gilt) at her three years should be able to reproduce at most 10 to 17 winners at a time; you can only obtain this result with a proper handling.

Note: pig gives birth within three months of pregnancy and will readily be on hit within 3 to 4 months after birth depending on how you control their birth rate. Which means, in a year a gilt can reproduce twice.


When a female pig (gilt) is on heat, it will show through the vulva and their character.

The vulva (vagina) turns pink while their character shows how much they crave for mating.

Most importantly, be very careful for in breed if you really want to make money in pig farming.

In breed occurred when a matured male pig (boar) is kept with a matured female pig (gilt) of the same blood line/pedigree.

Factually the Boar will cross the ready Gilt and pregnancy will be the result of their mating, this won’t reduce the number of winners that could be reproduced, it will only retard their growth no matter how much you handle them.


On the issue of handling, large white pig is one of the neatest kinds of pig species reared in Nigeria if properly handled, but often time, many farmers’ leaves their house littered with feces and their water unhealthily dirty.

Pig house should be swept twice a day and should be washed twice in a week; this is the only condition that can keep your swine neat at all-time.

Apparently pigs like bathing in water because it refreshes their body, while trying to refresh their body, they enter into the bath with their dirty body and wash of the dirt in the bath, this is one of the reason their water get dirty most time.

Naturally some pig love peeing and releasing their feces in the same water they drink, the intake of this water is harmful for their health, so their bath should be washed twice a day and their water should be changed twice as well.


Swine should be fed twice or thrice a day depending on your time and capital, for instance, you can feed them with pkc in the morning, feed them with solid fruit or sucker leaf in the afternoon and give them cassava peal in the evening.

Also, Pigs love water and they drink lot of it during the day, so maintain the rate at which water should be given to them.

Note: when swine (especially large white) water get dirty, they stop drinking and will be waiting for fresh water, leaving them without choice will make them return to drink this same water which is not good for their health.


Briefly we have different types of pigs feed like pkc, gnc, maize,  cassava peal, soya, sucker leaf, fruit and dow etc.

The use of dow increases pigs fat, and many customers/buyers don’t like it.

What to do when your pigs loses appetite and a digestible feedstuff.


When pigs are seriously starving, they will start screaming and crying.

 They will attack anything that comes towards them.

They will start losing weight, that’s why they need adequate food supply.


Pig agribusiness is very lucrative in Nigeria and there is no devastation or decimation in it market because a lot of Nigerians consume it.

Some state like Oyo, Nassarawa, Edo, Benue, Kogi, Anambra etc consume pork meat a lot, this mean, pig has a very huge market on going in Nigeria.

Pork meat sells much in Nigeria because of it low price, pork meat is not costly unlike that of beef meat.

If your product are been rejected, maybe it because of fat. Many buyers lose interest in such product simply because of it little profit.

If you have being facing this challenges over and over, that means you have to change your feed before it affect your business, failure to do this will stop many buyers from coming to you, and if they stop coming to you,  you have started losing your aim of making money in pig farming.

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