Rabbit Farming in Nigeria(how to start and step by step guide)

Rabbit farming is the act of rearing rabbit for commercial purposes, or for individual consumption. Rabbit farming is one of the agricultural investment that one can be involved into, due to its level of consumption all over the world, and the benefit one might get from it.to start and run a successful rabbit farm, one must know the nitty-gritty of the trade like things to consider before starting the rabbit farming, the species of the rabbit, diseases and prevention of the rabbit for effective growth.  

Things to consider when starting rabbit farming in Nigeria

1 cages or hutches

2 rabbit’s feeders and drinkers

3 kits/baby rabbits

4 rabbit feed

Cages or hutches: the very first way to start a rabbit farm is by providing them a good and suitable house where they will be kept. The construction should be made in such a way that it will protect the rabbit from heat and humidity.

Rabbit feeders and drinkers: in this aspect it deals with the feeding equipment like the water bottle/bowl to provide water for the rabbit, food bowls which can be used to give feed to the rabbit, hay rack which is used to keep hay off the floor.

Kits/baby rabbits: asarabbitfarmer the best rabbit breed that you can start with is the kits/baby rabbit like every other animal farm business you can’t just start with the mature one to breed it doesn’t work that way.

Rabbit feeds: this is the process of giving feeds to the rabbit in the morning and at night. Example of feed that can be given to your rabbit are processed food like rice, beans, yam, vegetable, green beans, cucumber, pumpkin leafy, edible dark leafy, peppers(red, green and yellow.

  Benefit of rabbit farming for meat in Nigeria

1 the meat has a high percentage of easily digestible protein.

2 among all the other available sources of meat, the meat, coming from rabbit has the lowest amount of fat.

3 rabbit meat is almost cholesterol free; therefore it is friendly to the heart especially for people with heart conditions.

4 the sodium content of rabbit meat is comparatively less than other meats.

5 it contains high calcium and phosphorus higher than what you can get from other available meat sources.

Species of rabbit that you can start with as a rabbit farmer

American rabbit

Belgian hare rabbit

Blanc de hoot rabbit

Californian rabbit

Checkered giant rabbit

Dutch rabbit

English lop rabbit

English spot rabbit

Flemish giant rabbit  

Best and common breeds of rabbit for commercial production in Nigeria

NEW ZEALAND WHITE RABBIT: this breed is white in color with clear pink eyes. They are medium-sized and weigh between 3-5 kg when mature; this breed is very common and is widely used for meat production. It is a prolific breed producing an average of five to six kittens per litter.

CALIFORNIA RABBIT: this breed has two colors, the body is white while the ears, nose, feet and tail are black. It is the second most popular breed for meat production.it is a medium-sized breed and weighs between 3.6-4.5kg when mature; it is a very prolific breed with an average litter size of three kittens per litter.

AMERICAN CHINCHILLA:  this is a medium sized breed which weighs about 4.1-5.4kg at maturity. It is a mottled bluish grey or black in color and has a characteristic fold in the skin of the neck called the dewlap when in good condition and in resting position. It is a prolific breed with an average litter size of about five kittens per litter; it is specialized for fur production and is used for manufacturing winter coats and jackets.

DUTCH RABBIT: it is a small breed with an average weight of 2.5-3.5kg at maturity, they could be black, blue, grey, pale grey, brown grey, or chocolate with a white belt across the shoulders and feet as well as a white strip down the middle of the face. It is also used for meat production. It could be used for crossing with bigger breeds.

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