Rabbit Feeds and Feeding for Effective Growth

Rabbit feeds and feeding are very important factor that must be considered as a rabbit farmer, because the types of feeds and how you feed your rabbit determine how fast and quick the rabbit grows.

Whenever you feed your rabbit with rich feed you will get laudable yield, you might a bit why the choice of feed is vital in rabbit feeding , its important because the number and the sizes of your rabbit depends on the quality and quantity of feed given to them. So as rabbit farmers put it in mind that feeding is very important in rabbit farming.

Types of rabbit feed in Nigeria for effective growth 




Market waste


 Grass: rabbit eat all kinds of grasses for effective growth. Examples of grasses that can be giving to your rabbit for effective growth are Elephant grass, guinea grass, pawpaw leaves kitchen waste such as yam peels, cassava peels, rice bran, etc. however the rabbit should be given the required additional supplementation with concentrates to meet their nutrient requirement for optimum performance.

Trees: they are many tree leaves that can give to the rabbits for effective growth. Examples are mango leaves, banana leaves, etc.

Fruit: rabbit loves to eat fruit, so as a rabbit farmer you need to give fruit to your rabbit for effective growth. Examples of fruit that are best for the rabbit are apple, mango banana, pawpaw, pineapple, and guava.

Market waste: rabbit love eating feed that are waste such as waste lettuce, cabbage, carrots, apples, and other fruits and vegetables.

Concentrate: formulated feed or pelleted feed that are made up of ingredients such as maize, soybean, wheat, offal’s maize bran etc.

Things to consider when feeding your rabbit for effective growth

Rabbits require a variety of feed: it is not good to feed your rabbit just one type feed for a very long period of time, always include two or more different kinds of forages in their feed it is best to miss vines, tree leaves plant leaves, and kitchen scraps by offering several kind of feed the rabbit get more complete nutrients in their food For effective growths.

Do not put rabbit feed on the cage floor where the rabbits can walk and urinate on it : rabbit feed should be placed in a feeder  that keeps the leaves above the rabbit, off the floor if rabbit are allowed to trample their feed, it will wilt, be soiled and unfit for consumption. It can also affect their growth.

The time schedule for feeding rabbits should be maintained strictly: if it is late in feeding of the rabbits they become restless and which in turn reduce the body weight, and can also effect the growth of the rabbit.

Due to high temperature in the daytime, the rabbit won’t take much feed during daytime: but they are active in the night, therefore green fodders are to be fed to the rabbits, in the night while concentrate should be serve in the morning for effective growth.

Concentrate feed can be given in the form of pellets: if pellet feed is not available the concentrate feed mixed with water and before given to the rabbit for effective growth.

Clean fresh water should be provided to the rabbit: at all times for effective growth, and also pleases not this whenever you are introducing a new type of feeds to the rabbit, remember to give them in a small quantity for some days and observe them to make sure they can adapt to it.

List of equipment used in feeding rabbit

Food bowel

Hey rack

Litter tray



Rabbit pellets

Rabbit carry case

water bottle bowl

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