Best Snail Feeds and Feeding for Effective Growths

Snail feeds and feeding are very important factor that must be considered as a snail farmer, because the types of feeds and how you feed your snails determines how fast and quick the snail grows.

Whenever you feed your snail with rich feed you will get laudable yield. you might wonder a bit why the choice of feed is vital in snail feeding, it’s important because the number and the sizes of your snail depends on the quality and quantity of feed given to them, so feeding is very important in snail farming.

                  Types of snail feeds in Nigeria                

1 calcium supplements

2 Tuber crops

3 Fleshy fruits

4 Flowers

5 Leaves and vegetables

6 Household leftover foods

Calcium supplements

Snail feed must contain abundant supply of calcium so as to build up and repair their shells. Examples of calcium supplement that are good for the snail are calcium powder, cuttlebone, and shells from dead snail, limestone, bone meal, and wood ash. They are important sources of calcium supplement that are good for your snail.

Tuber crops

Tuber crops are very important source of carbohydrate. But very low in protein because snail itself has a protein example of tuber crops that must be given to your snail for effective growth are cassava, yam, sweet potato, plantain, and cocoyam.

Fleshy fruits

Fruits are sources of minerals and vitamins. Vitamins like vitamin A vitamin K vitamin C and so many.  But very low in protein it gives nourishment to the body of the snail. So you must feed your snail with deferent types of fruits every day. Examples of fruits that are good for the snail are mango, banana, orange, tomato, pear, oil palm, and peach etc.        


Snail loves flowers a lot so as a snail farmer you need to plant so many flowers in your snail farm. Example of flowers that the snail can eat for effective growth are cauliflower, rose, hibiscus, paw-paw, and sunflower.

Leaves and vegetable

Leaves and vegetable are favorite food for the snail. Especially green leaves just like the way some food are important to us as humans. Examples of leaves that are very important to the snail and that can help in their growth are APPLE, broccoli, cocoyam, spinach, kola, cassava, onion greens. Etc.  

Household leftover foods

Household leftover food like rice, beans, fruits, like banana, watermelon, but you must be very careful when given these types of feed to your snail because snail does not like food that has salt or sugar.


1 selects fruits, vegetable, seeds, and grains that a safe for snail: in these areas you just need to select the best fruit, vegetable, seeds, and grains that is good for your snail. For effective growth, selection has to do with picking the best and good feeds that can help in the growth of your snail. Examples of fruits and seeds that are good for your snail are rose flowers, sunflower, paw-paw, and hibiscus. Fruit that are best for your snail are apple, tomato, banana, mango, orange, and watermelon.

2 chop or shred produce into pieces smaller than a dime: as a farmer you need to understand the level of your snail feeding. You should know that if the snail feed are too big it cannot be easy for the snail to absorb. Snails are sensitive to chemicals and pesticides, so make sure you use organic produce and also wash it very well before feeding it to your snail for effective growth.  

 3 start by providing 0.25 cups (59 ml) of food each day: in this aspect I can’t say this is the accurate amount of food that you should give to your snail. As time goes on you will understand the number of food that your snail can consume within a weeks or month. Also note whenever you are feeding your snail remember to remove any leftover food that are not consumed within 24 hours so as to keep your snail in good health.  You can read my article on how to care for your snails and have more understanding about these gentle guys.    

4 avoid processed food and food that are hard for the snail to digest: snails are herbivorous animal whose primary source of food is plant, this implies snails too feed on plants. So if you start giving them processed food just because you think that the snail can eat everything that humans eat then I’m sorry to say you are going to harm your snails, moreover snail does not like food that has salt or sugar. So as a beginner you must be careful when feeding your snail processed food.

5 fill a water dish with spring water: snails are herbivorous animal that likes cold places if you have been to a snail farm before I believe you should have known this by now.

The reason is snails are cold blooded animals and they can only survive in a cold place. So as a beginner if you want to start a snail farm theer are things   you need to have during the feeding process. You need to get a spring machine that will help you to spread water on the snail. You can also use bottle to spread the water yourself.

6 keep a calcium source in the tank at all times: calcium is very important in the snail feed because it helps in building up the snail shell for effective growth. Examples of calcium sources that can be added to the snail feed are calcium powder, powder oyster shell, natural chalk, bone meal, and wood ash.

List of items that you will need in your snail farm for feeding

1 feed trough

2 water trough

3 hand gloves

4 colored marker

5 hand trowel /spoon

6 watering can/ sprinkler

7 sterilizer /heater

8 ruler /venire caliper

9 weighing balance

So if you have any question about this article you can contact me. You can also read my next article on how you can take care of your snail for effective health.

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