Things to Consider in purchasing Snail for your farm

In starting or stocking your snail farm, some measures must be put in place, and of course you must have a prior knowledge about how to start and run a snail farm, this knowledge will help you greatly in regards to choosing the snail species for your farm.


Decide on which species of snail you want to farm 

In these areas you need to be very sure on which type of snail you may want to farm. As a beginner,   snail has deferent species but is now left for you to choose the one you like, and not only the one you like but the best for Market. ACHATINA is the most desirable snail for farming because it grows so big to become the biggest snail species in the world. Achaia has it origin in Nigeria; it also has high yield capacity.   

Step 2

Set up your farmland for housing snail 

In these areas you need to buy your land make sure the land is located in the area that is good, so that whenever you want to market your snail it will be easy for you as a beginner to market than. Meanwhile it all depends on the number of snail you may want to start with as a beginner. As a beginner I will advised you to start in a small way by                         building the house yourself. But if you want to start in big way then you need to buy land, and whenever you want to build the house just make sure you create enough space for the snail and avoid overcrowding.

Step 3

Purchase your snail                                              

In this area you just need to purchase some amount of money like N60, 000 or N100, 000 for you to start successful snail farming as a beginner. 

Step 4

Feeding and rearing of the snail as a beginner

In these aspects you just need to buy feeding equipment for their feed and for their dirking water makes sure you keep them in a dry area. Their feeds must be given to them in the morning and at night, make sure they are enough space for the snail. By so doing you are rearing your snail successfully as a beginner.



Snail meat must be processed with great care, apart from the great care you have to know that anything that has to do with the word eating must be kept clean. With that it can increase the level of marketability as a beginner for your snail.  Step to take as a beginner when processing your snail for export.

Step 1

The snail must be starved for about 24 hours to empty their stomach so that it will be easy to remove it shell and its other part.

Step 2

prepares water: that water must be boiling at greater than 70 degrees centigrade after the water has finish boiling transfer it into a drum depend on the number of snail you may want prepare. If the snail is small you can use a bucket. But just make sure that the bucket is clean. 

Step 3

ADD lumps of alum potassium or ammonium, sulphate.

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